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SEAR'S Mario Bonamigo - Stylish Store in Bassano del Grappa

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What’s The Difference: American vs. Japanese Denim

The invention of denim, specifically denim jeans, is deeply knotted and convoluted. There is not necessarily a perfect, certain answer. The same could be said about the question of which country makes the best denim. But the fact that what separates the biggest pillars and player in the denim community – the United States and Japan – is mainly a matter of personal taste, still has not stopped people from debating the virtues of Japanese versus American made denim. The thing is, the histories of American and Japanese Denim are woven together, tightly. For the last half century, they’ve fired salvos of invention to one-up the other, drawing from one another and influencing each other. At one point, Japanese and American denim was largely the same. Since then, the last 50 years have been a tale of divergent evolution, with Japanese denim stepping dramatically outside of the United States’ shadow, and into their own denim identity. The denim community is dominated by these two countries. But the history of the cotton twill textile precedes both nations – by a wide margin.


Uno diverso dall'altro, pezzi unici. Levi's jeans, chinos, pantaloni militari vintage e sciarpe. Ricondizionati.. ricostruiti.. con un pizzico di originalità e tanto divertimento. Da Los Angeles e Londra, Atelier & Repairs torna in store con nuovi "capolavori".

Tellason Denim from Tribute | SF on Vimeo.

In our second video, I was inspired by Tellason's straightforward mantra of just doing things the right way. I initially wanted to tell their story through personal narration, however after speaking with them over coffee, I was inspired by the broad implications of their business practices. Not only do they represent San Francisco from a product and quality standpoint, but they represent an ethos of doing something right in the spirit of honesty in quality and passion.
I involved Tenue de Nîmes & Son of a Stag to add a narrative of experience built from years of interaction with multiple brands of denim. Like every individual denim brand, these stores have their own perspective. A perspective which helped to also tell the story of manufacturing denim in the USA.

Music - "Way Out In Abilene" - Lightnin' Hopkins


Tellason Denim - San Francisco, CA

Tony Patella e Pete Searson, proprietari del brand TELLASON, non solo rappresentano San Francisco da un punto di vista del prodotto e qualità, ma rappresentano un'etica nel fare qualcosa di giusto con uno spirito di onestà e passione. In questo video le testimonianze anche di due tra i più celebri denim stores d'Europa: Tenue de Nimes (Amsterdam) a Son Of Stag (Londra).
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