Dress Code I ❤ NY

A short film about Milton Glaser, the creator of the infamous I Heart NY symbol and his struggle to find love for the city in a trying time.

Hells Canyon

"The first year I was in Northeast Oregon, I went to the employment office in Enterprise and there were two jobs: cook and sheep herder. So I selected the outdoor option..." This is the story of one of my all-time favorite nonprofits: The Greater Hells Canyon Council (FKA The Hells Canyon Preservation Council). They work to protect one of the best kept secrets in Oregon, and possibly the most remote and diverse set of landscapes in the lower 48. Starring conservationists Kirsten and Brian, and featuring Pete Seeger on the yodels in the track "Don't Ask What a River is For," which he recorded in Hells Canyon while on a rafting trip to save the Snake River.

Debbie Boon - Fine Artist

Debbie Boon is a contemporary artist whose work is characterized by an energy and vivacity which reflects the joie de vivre she feels when faced with a subject that captures her imagination. Working in partnership with Debbie and The Norfolk Wildlife Trust we told the story of what inspires her as an artist and how she captures the spirit of her subjects.

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