A Visual Ode to A Hare in the Woods - featuring Massimo Bottura

A Hare in the Woods: Camouflage is one of Bottura’s masterpieces and the most groundbreaking dish in contemporary cuisine. It features a perfect balance of contrasting flavours, “hare blood, Picasso and Gertrude Stein” And this is my ode to it. Massimo Bottura is the patron chef of Osteria Francescana, in 2018 his restaurant was awarded as World’s Best. For the second time.

Neighborhood Golf Association

For the past 10 years, street photographer Patrick Barr aka Tiger Hood has become a local legend known for bringing golf to the streets of NYC. It’s a game that requires only three items: a golf club, a newspaper-stuffed milk carton, and a crate. What was initially just a way for Barr to pass time has gained traction from major news outlets and celebrities on a global scale. However, street golf seems to overshadow his true passion… photography. Barr’s archive consists of thousands of mind blowing film photographs of NYC from the 1990’s to 2000’s. His goal was to preserve a time and place that he predicted would dissolve in the coming years. With his archive as evidence, he predicted correctly.


"There is no place that has the same energy and vibe you feel in #London. I spent two years immersing myself across all the inner boroughs of London through its famous streets to the well kept secret locations with the only intent to grab a tiny part of the soul of this city and pack it in a video for you. Not an easy task as its soul is being constantly reshaped as new cultures, arts and trends are emerging everyday." - Oliver Astrologo

Northern Lights Bubble Hotel

Dai caldi e accoglienti confini della tua cabina invernale o anche da casa tua, l'aurora boreale è uno spettacolo magnifico da vedere. All'aperto, tuttavia, può essere una faticosa e fredda pugnalata al buio, trovando conforto nel campeggio senza la marcia giusta. C'è, tuttavia, un'altra opzione. Il Buubble Lodge è una nave riscaldata e trasparente attraverso la quale è possibile letteralmente dormire sotto le stelle in tutta comodità. Situato a circa un'ora al di fuori della capitale islandese, Reykjavik, il Buubble Lodge è costituito da una serie di piccole tende gonfiabili e autonome nella foresta islandese - ideale per un posto esclusivo in prima fila per l'aurora boreale. È gonfiato grazie a un sistema di ventilazione silenzioso e il lodge offre cinque diverse opzioni di bolle tra cui scegliere, ciascuna adatta a 2 adulti e un bambino. C'è anche un bagno e una cucina in loco e sono aperti tutto l'anno, nel caso in cui il freddo non fa per te.

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