The New York Public Library’s Collection of Weird Objects

Una ciocca di capelli di Walt Whitman, gli stivali di Jack Kerouac e il bastone di Virginia Woolf sono solo alcuni degli oggetti di armamentario letterario disponibili nella Berg Collection della Biblioteca pubblica di New hai un appuntamento.

LEVI'S - Love What You Wear. Live With It Longer.

We follow six individuals from different walks of life (and parts of the world) as they tell us why they make Levi’s® a part of their lives. In Part One we meet Shawn, a retired pro bull rider from New Mexico; Sinade, a carpenter from New York; and Pedro, an artist and architect from Mexico City. These three individuals could not be more different, but one common trait among them is their love of the Levi’s® brand.Through personal accounts of their favorite products, we get to see what it means to them to “live in Levi’s.”


Timelapse and aerolapse video from New York city.

How Diadora Became An Underground Status Symbol Among UK Casuals

Highsnobiety - Our latest film, produced in close collaboration with @diadoraofficial and original members of the scene, looks at how Diadora went from being a undiscovered label in Europe to one of the coveted underground status symbols for UK football casuals.
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