05 October 2015 | Collections

Filson "archive" collection at Sear's Bassano

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Abbiamo allestito la nostra cantina con dei pezzi rari da trovare nel mondo. Capi storici di FILSON che in esclusiva da Sear's Bassano potrete ammirare ed ovviamente acquistare. Uno scorcio d'Alaska a Bassano del Grappa.

We set up our cellar with rare pieces to find in the world. Historical garments from FILSON exclusively by Sear's Bassano that you could admire and of course buy. A glimpse of Alaska in Bassano del Grappa.

03 October 2015 | Others


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There’s not always light where you need it most, and often we find ourselves in the dark without a light to turn on. Now, a company by the name of Power Practical has set out to provide Luminoodle, a portable string of LED lights that can be tied, hooked or hung on virtually anything. The 5-foot strand of lights is ultra-bright, shining 10-20 brighter than the average Christmas lights. It’s completely waterproof and highly flexible, so you’re able to use it anywhere you’d need to. It’s USB powered, and on both ends of that USB cord lies magnets, allowing it to be stuck to anything metal with ease. It also comes with a rip-stop nylon bag, which allows the Luminoodle to be used as a lantern.

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