24 July 2015 | Video

Tellason Denim - San Francisco, CA

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Tellason Denim from Tribute | SF on Vimeo.

In our second video, I was inspired by Tellason's straightforward mantra of just doing things the right way. I initially wanted to tell their story through personal narration, however after speaking with them over coffee, I was inspired by the broad implications of their business practices. Not only do they represent San Francisco from a product and quality standpoint, but they represent an ethos of doing something right in the spirit of honesty in quality and passion.
I involved Tenue de Nîmes & Son of a Stag to add a narrative of experience built from years of interaction with multiple brands of denim. Like every individual denim brand, these stores have their own perspective. A perspective which helped to also tell the story of manufacturing denim in the USA.

Music - "Way Out In Abilene" - Lightnin' Hopkins

Tony Patella e Pete Searson, proprietari del brand TELLASON, non solo rappresentano San Francisco da un punto di vista del prodotto e qualità, ma rappresentano un'etica nel fare qualcosa di giusto con uno spirito di onestà e passione. In questo video le testimonianze anche di due tra i più celebri denim stores d'Europa: Tenue de Nimes (Amsterdam) a Son Of Stag (Londra).

Sear's Store - Bassano del Grappa

13 July 2015 | Others


Tag: 1978, bassano del grappa, casa and bottega, fj company, FJ40, land cruiser, made in japan, mario bonamigo , outdoorlife, rugged world, sear's store bassano, toyota

Outdoor life.

It’s not everyday you come across an original, pristine vehicle from the 70s – particularly a vehicle as iconic as the Land Cruiser FJ40. Thankfully the folks at FJ Company have got you covered with a showroom worthy offering in this 1978 Land Cruiser FJ40. Specializing in Toyota FJ restorations, FJ Company’s motto is, “We build Land Cruisers like they used to.” And boy do they ever. With over 40 years of experience, the team restores these gems to their original form, and sells them to enthusiasts all around the world. This specific U.S. model is one of our personal favorites. It features an upgraded 5-speed transmission, an added Vintage Air a/c system to ensure you’re comfortable in any weather, along with an electronic ignition for added convenience. And what about that Rustic Green paint job? Stunning. It also comes with both a hard and soft top. Unfortunately this specific model just sold, but the company is always working on a new project. www.fj.co

06 July 2015 | Collections

This is MYAR

Tag: andrea rosso, authentic vintage, bassano del grappa, diamante beghetto, manstyle, mario bonamigo , military vintage, MYAR, new fashion project, Sear's Store , casa and bottega

A breve nel nostro store, abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi un NUOVO BRAND nato dalla mente creativa di Andrea Rosso: MYAR www.highsnobiety.com/2014/12/16/andrea-rosso-diesel-myar-interview/#slide-16

As soon in our store, we have the pleasure to introduce a NEW BRAND born from the creative mind of Andrea Rosso: MYAR www.highsnobiety.com/2014/12/16/andrea-rosso-diesel-myar-interview/#slide-16

26 June 2015 | News

The Barber Oldstyle in store!

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Si ricorda che domani, SABATO 27/06 dalle ore 16:00 presso Sear's - Bassano del Grappa torna l'APPUNTAMENTO mensile con Cesare Casoni "The Barber" ‪#‎oldstyle‬ . Vi aspettiamo!

We remind you that tomorrow, Saturday 06/27 from 16:00 at Sear's - Bassano del Grappa will be back the monthly APPOINTMENT with Cesare Casoni "The Barber" #oldstyle . See you there!

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